A world of opportunities

Our comprehensive service offering and our international dimension are key assets for all employees: everyone has the occasion to express themselves, to grow and take advantage of new professional opportunities!

With activities across 80 countries, with more than 150 families of jobs in very diverse environments, Sodexo offers a vast array of opportunities.

Strong professional experience

Working with Sodexo is the opportunity to work in a fulfilling and stable environment. Our company is recognized throughout the world as a symbol of professionalism and dedication.

Our Employee Value Proposition

To ensure the quality and the consistency of employee experiences at Sodexo, we have developed the Sodexo Employee Value Proposition. This proposition details the 5 key moments every employee will experience during his or her professional life at Sodexo.

The richness of an international company

For our employees, belonging to a company present on five continents has many benefits such as mobility opportunities, cultural enrichment and the importance placed on diversity. 

  • Our 428,000 employees serve 75 million consumers every day on 33,400 sites in 80 countries around the world.
  • We are the 22nd largest employer worldwide and the 7th largest European employer.
  • We're the global leader in most of our market segments.

The potential of a global company

Our On-site Service Solutions

For our clients, we offer a wide range of On-site Service Solutions, from foodservices to construction, from maintenance to leisure cruises, and from reception services to the maintenance of medical devices such as scanners and laboratory equipment. The list of occupations for this activity? Far too long to fit on a single web page!


Our Motivation Solutions

Foodservices, gifts, transportation... We offer customized Motivation Solutions that enable companies and governments to attract, retain and motivate their employees. Careers in this activity include all of the professions of the back-office, marketing, development and sales.


Our Personal and Home Services

Lifestyles are changing and service needs as well. We develop a range of innovative services for individuals which contribute to improving the Quality of Daily Life of all citizens. Among the professionals we’re looking for are those who can provide childcare, home assistance for the elderly, tutoring support and concierge services.


Our support activities

Our ability to successfully deliver our Quality of Daily Life solutions depends not only on professionals who are in contact with our clients and our consumers. We also rely on support service teams who plan, facilitate and support our operational activities, including human resources, finance, marketing, communications, information technology services, auditing, asset management, logistics, health and safety, sustainable development and diversity & inclusion.

Corporate Responsibility Publications

FY 2013 Corporate Responsibility Publications (240x120) 
Sodexo publishes documents that present its Corporate Responsibility strategy and performance to its stakeholders:
>Fiscal 2013 Publications

The Better Tomorrow Plan

Better Tomorrow Plan (135x150)

Sodexo is committed to sustainable development and has defined a worldwide roadmap: The Better Tomorrow Plan.