Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

We are committed to sourcing food and equipment that are high quality and have environmental attributes while supporting our suppliers' development through balanced and long-term relationships.

Sodexo is a significant purchaser with more than 4,300 suppliers, so it is essential to develop trusting, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships to guarantee the quality and safety of products across our supply chain.

We respond to client and customer expectations through our values by promoting purchasing policies that increase the use of environmentally sound and ethically sourced products. We encourage our suppliers to share our ethical principles and our sustainable procurement commitments.


Sustainable Development

Sodexo is the recognized global sustainability leader in its market sector.

Health and Wellness Solutions

As a global player in foodservices, Sodexo has considerable influence on the eating habits of more than 50 million people around the world.

We offer solutions by proposing a wholesome, well-balanced diet with reduced intake of fats, sugar and salt.

Local community development

97% of our employees are hired locally in the 80 countries where we operate. By establishing long-term partnerships, Sodexo seeks to play an active role in local community development.


We are committed to 4 key areas of concern: the Supply Chain code of conduct; local, seasonal and sustainably grown products; sustainable fish and seafood; and sustainable equipment and supplies


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Better Tomorrow Plan

No single business can create a better tomorrow on its own. We can only create meaningful action by working closely in partnership with others.

At Sodexo, we have worked with global organizations, consumers and charities to make a bigger difference – and in some instances, we’ve even created our own initiatives to help us get ahead on issues:

The Better Tomorrow Plan

In Fiscal 2016:
Sodexo operations in


countries have specific initiatives to integrate Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME’s) into Sodexo’s Value Chain.

Sodexo Fiscal Year 2016


The Better Tomorrow Plan

Better Tomorrow Plan (135x150)

Sodexo is committed to sustainable development and has defined a worldwide roadmap: The Better Tomorrow Plan.


Sodexo develops and promotes health and wellness solutions, provides and promotes varied and balanced food and contributes to a reduced intake of sugar, salt and fats.
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