Nutrition, Health and Wellness

As a global player in foodservices, Sodexo has considerable influence on the eating habits of more than 50 million people around the world.
To promote health and wellness, we offer solutions by proposing a wholesome, well-balanced diet with reduced intake of fats, sugar and salt.

Health and Wellness Awareness

We will develop and promote health and wellness solutions for our clients, consumers and employees in all the countries where we operate by 2015.

Women's Health Month

Women's Health Month

  • Women's Health, it affects everyone.  Click here to read more
Dimensions of Wellness

Dimensions of Wellness

  • Get Financially Fit
    Financial Wellness means living within your means and learning to manage your finances for the short and long term
    Click here to read more on the 5 elements.

  • Workplace Wellness
    Sodexo is committed to ensuring holistic health and wellness amongst our employees. Occupational Wellness is an important aspect of the work we carry out. Read more about the importance of managing stress

  • Emotional Wellness
    This month Sodexo will focus on one of the pillars of Health & Wellbeing, Emotional Wellness. Read more here

Allergen Awareness

A food allergy occurs when the immune system of the body manufacturers antibodies after a certain protein (allergen) has been consumed. When lots of antibodies are manufactured, it causes certain symptoms in the body.

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