Technical Services: Providing a One-stop Service

From simple repairs to complex technical assistance, Sodexo is able to meet your everyday needs through a range of services. We help you create a smooth, coordinated effort to increase efficiency, and reduce downtime and costs

General Repairs: Improving the service experience

When things go wrong, you want to be sure they can be put right – quickly and efficiently. Sodexo provides you with immediate, customized technical support with a high level of care.

Technical Maintenance: Increasing operational efficiency

The efficiency of your organization rests on your shoulders. You need to be focused on core operations, not technical issues. Sodexo takes day-to-day technical maintenance problems off your desk by operating and maintaining your assets and systems, ensuring continuity for your business.

Asset Management: Achieving profitable growth

Your assets are of strategic importance to your organization. Long term, can you ensure your risks, costs and performance will stay at an agreed, controlled level? Sodexo Asset Management can.

Project management: Providing expertise throughout the project lifecycle

The first thing project managers have to build is trust. Can you guarantee your clients a global level of excellence? Do you have a gold standard for health and safety, cost optimization and risk evaluation? Welcome to the Sodexo Project Management Framework.

Construction Management: Acting as your principal contractor

Sodexo will manage the day to day running of your capital and construction projects from design and pre-construction activities through to deployment and handover, as well as conducting supplier and subcontractor selection for you.

Portfolio Management: Managing and deploying projects across your company

Stay focused on maintaining alignment to your strategic goals and roadmap, and let Sodexo ensure your Project Managers have the tools and training to deliver your project requirements and provide you detailed reporting on progress as needed.

Project Management Consulting: Delivering projects on time and on budget

Manage your projects using Sodexo’s comprehensive, industry standard “Project Management Framework”, keeping you informed of progress, risk and issues within supplier and subcontractor agreements during all phases of the project lifecycle.

Energy management: Ensuring the optimum use of energy

Utility costs are rising. Environmental concerns are intensifying. Companies need to embrace long-term efficiency and sustainability. From utility expenses to project investment, Sodexo’s energy management capability is second to none.

Energy and Sustainability Strategy: Reaching your goals

Are you moving towards renewable energy? Better energy management is a priority today. Through strategic energy plans Sodexo helps companies define their energy roadmap which enables a reduction in their environmental impact, enhancing brand value while also reducing costs and increasing profitability.

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