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Sodexo employee cleaning a counter

Cleaning Solutions: Reducing risk of infection

Whether you're in a hospital, school or office, the safety of all who engage with your business is paramount. We can work with you to define cleaning needs based on careful risk assessments; establishing a frequency of cleaning and identifying areas that may need disinfection or deep cleaning services. We use the latest scientific research, techniques and solutions to bring you peace of mind.

Sodexo front of house employee with open sign in background

Front of house: Assuring safety at point of entry

Our front of house and reception teams offer a warm welcome to visitors; but they can also help you enhance safety from the moment people enter your premises. Whether it's providing health and safety guidance, distributing personal protective equipment or even monitoring peoples' temperatures at point of entry, our front of house services can help you control the risk of infection on site.

Sodexo Security guard talking in to a walkie talkie

Security: Enhanced access control

Controlled access to you premises is key to managing the risk of infection. Through our security services, we can offer protection and safety assurance. Cameras can be used to monitor building capacity to enable physical distancing compliance, while security officers can can conduct temperature monitoring, ensure PPE is being used effectively and offer advice to manage risks at the point of entry.

Sodexo Grounds Maintenance staff mowing a lawn and cutting hedges wearing protective clothing

Grounds Maintenance: Landscaped to perfection

First impressions count. Well-maintained grounds and landscapes show off your organization in its best light. Some of Sodexo’s areas of expertise are exterior and interior landscaping, sports field maintenance, water features and arboriculture.

Sodexo employee putting an item of mail in a pigeon hole

Mailroom: Handle with care

Our mailroom services have been adapted with infection control as top priority. That means introducing new ways of working to manage the receipt of packages, adopting disinfection protocols where necessary, using personal protective equipment to handle and sort parcels and redefining processes for mail collection and distribution.

Two Sodexo employees sorting archived boxes of documents

Document Management: Prioritizing confidentiality

Preparing for a successful event takes a lot of planning on your part, our reprographics services will transpose your vision into professional outputs and collateral. If you find yourself dealing with highly sensitive and highly confidential content Sodexo can manage the entire process securely. Creating a smooth workflow, ensuring efficiency and maintaining quality standards.

Sodexo employee moving waste bins

Waste Management: Valuing your waste

Organisations are no longer just judged by what they produce. They’re also judged by what they waste. Are you managing your waste in an environmentally and socially responsible way? Do your waste management plans meet your targets? Time to talk to Sodexo.

Sodexo employee folding laundry

Laundry: Fresh new solutions

Want laundry that meets the highest standards of hygiene? Find someone who can manage the process from end to end. Sodexo evaluates your needs and makes your laundry services run like clockwork – from operations to management to stock control.

woman sitting at desk

Space Design: Driving compliance with physical distancing

Physical distancing can reduce the risk of infection. Through surveys and analyses, we can help you better understand the traffic flow through your premises, identify regular touch points and adapt the design of your space to enhance compliance and reduce risk. This might be through reorganisation of desk space, re-designing communal spaces or simply by using clear signage.

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