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Creating optimum conditions for learning

Happy, healthy learners perform better at school. A nutritious, balanced diet boosts their energy and sharpens their concentration. Their learning improves when they’re in a safe, welcoming environment. We help make schools caring, nurturing places for children throughout the world.

Focus Areas

Children eating lunch

Nurturing nutritious student lifestyles

Nutrition is a hot topic in schools these days. People realise the huge difference a healthy diet can make to a learner’s performance. We make sure that every child has access to healthy, balanced meals and understands the importance of good nutrition.

Fresh fruit and vegatables

Ensuring food safety

Preserving the highest standards of safety in the school canteen is an absolute priority to ensure each and every child is offered the very best nutrition. Sodexo has the world’s largest team of nutritionists and trains its employees in food safety.

A sodexo employee cleaning a passage

Creating the ideal safe and clean learning environment

Why is creating a safe, comfortable school environment so important? Because it directly affects learners’ performance. From well-maintained school grounds and clean toilets to fast, efficient tech maintenance – if it supports their welfare, it helps them shine.

A wheelbarrow with fresh vegetables being wheeled through a field

Supporting local communities

Schools are at the heart of local communities. It’s important to support them by hiring and purchasing locally – by investing in things like local environmental solutions and sustainable sourcing. Sodexo is committed to using local suppliers.

zero waste written on chalk board surrounded by food ingridients

Reducing food waste

Food chain suppliers must step up. By reducing their consumption of natural resources. Making a commitment to reducing food waste.



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We provide services to schools in 42 countries worldwide.

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