Focus Areas

Senior care asks a lot of people. It demands a caring spirit and a passion for service. It requires an openness to growing demands and a commitment to creating uplifting experiences with every interaction. That’s why every Senior Care community needs a high level of expert support. A team that can streamline processes, boost performance, improve efficiency and truly connect with Seniors. A team like Sodexo.

Three senior women eating a meal

Making mealtimes the best

For many seniors, mealtime is the highlight of the day. They look forward to eating nutritious, locally-sourced food, prepared by expert chefs. And they want to be offered choices that take note of their dietary needs. They’re always well served by Sodexo.

A male and female elderly person hugging each other, view from behind

A focus on comfort and safety

Designing a Senior Care community raises a lot of questions. Is getting around easy? How accessible is everything? Is it wheelchair-friendly? Creating an attractive, functional Senior Care environment takes expertise. And we have more than most.

A sodexo employee running an exercise to a row of seated elderly people

It takes a community

Seniors enjoy life more when they’re part of a community. They want to have easy access to everything from fitness sessions and spa services to private transport and wellness programmes. We’re all about fostering their independence.

A nurse handing a drink to a seated elderly man

Home help for Seniors

Many seniors want to stay at home as long as possible. In which case, it’s important they have excellent services available to them – from personal care to companionship. A working example- in the United States, Sodexo’s Comfort Keepers leads the way.

Comfort Keepers

Inspired Thinking

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