Improving Quality of Life

Everything we do is about improving people’s daily lives. Sodexo Southern Africa believes that healthy school meals help learners perform well, that relaxed patients recover faster, and that organisations with engaged employees perform better. With our unique wide range of integrated services, this is what our On-site services including but not limited to; catering, cleaning, hygiene services, grounds maintenance, security and facilities management services do every day.

Sodexo in South Africa

Sodexo Southern Africa has many years' experience meeting and exceeding clients' expectations in food services, cleaning services and more recently in facilities management services and thereby positively contributing to the Quality of Life of our clients.

Doing good business in a good way in South Africa

Our conviction is that doing good business in a good way has a powerful positive impact on the 100 million consumers we serve globally every day. In South Africa, we follow this philosophy to create quality of life when we integrate our unique wide range of On-site Services.

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Nurturing South African talent

We are driven by our care for our people and their quality of life is our top priority. Our teams are truly inclusive and Sodexo Southern Africa can offer a wide range of career opportunities.

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