You don't just join Sodexo, you belong

At Sodexo Southern Africa we don’t have employees, we have team members

Rewarding long service

At Sodexo Southern Africa long-serving employees are recognised and rewarded for their loyalty and our Sodexo Employee Empowerment Trust holds 25% ownership of Sodexo Southern Africa

Creating a strong culture

How do you create a team that feels like a family? Care for each person’s quality of life. Stay true to our values of service spirit, team spirit and the spirit of progress. Uphold ethical principles like loyalty, respect and business integrity. And support local communities.

Thriving on differences

Diversity & Inclusion isn’t just a tick-box exercise. It’s about doing business in a good way in South Africa. Diverse perspectives create forward-thinking, innovative workplaces. That’s why we invest in partnerships and awareness programmes that celebrate differences.

Stability runs in the family

Family-run businesses are different. They have a knack for creating stable work environments. They have a way of retaining long-term employees. Sodexo is a family-run business that’s been doing the same thing since 1966 – improving quality of life for individuals.



The portion of Sodexo Southern Africa owned by the Sodexo Employee Empowerment Trust

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