Focus Areas

We offer prison and community rehabilitation services to reduce reoffending, protect the public, and drive outcomes in the criminal justice system. We also provide a range of support services such as maintenance, catering and industry workshops to prisons and secure facilities.

A male prison officer talking in to a walkie talkie

Delivering social value through effective justice

Reducing reoffending and risk of harm is our aim. But ensuring quality and decency is equally important. We’re committed to offender rehabilitation programmes, vocational training for offenders and supporting offenders in their community.

A group of community payback offenders working in a garden with their supervisor

Positive outcomes for communities

Making a positive difference and changing lives for the better is what we do. As a justice services business, we’re committed to a public service ethos. We have firm ethical principles and maintain high standards of decency and respect for those we work with.

Making a difference in Chile

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Watch this video about our inmate working programme in Chile

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