Focus Areas

The demands on military, justice and government agencies are unique. They need partners who understand their unique needs and deliver 24/7/365. Who can meet their very different requirements for food and nutrition, facilities management and support services. We create environments and nutritional programs where people can perform at their best and stay connected, delivering up to 100 services that help drive their performance.

Quality of life services that support mission defense capability

Quality of Life has an enormous impact on military outcomes. Sodexo helps guide your people towards physical, mental and motivational readiness, preparing and maintaining them for sustainable peak performance. Sodexo helps you take care of your personnel so they can bring the best to their missions.

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Partnering with government agencies

Government agencies should be places that create an environment of respect. They should be well run and efficient, encouraging productivity. They should support employee wellness and help build communities. Sodexo makes it happen.

Working in partnership to reduce reoffending

How do you stop offenders reoffending? Start by giving them hope. Keep them healthy and positive, help them imagine a life free from crime. Their lives can change for the better. And our Quality of Life approach helps make it happen.

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