Healthwise is Sodexo's nutrition, wellbeing a philosophy. It is our commitment to promoting healthy living amongst our employees, clients and consumers. It guides our dieticians, development chefs, catering managers and food buyers to achieve healthier outcomes.

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The latest Health Survey for England (HSE) data shows that nearly 1 in 4 adults, and over 1 in 10 children aged 2-10, are obese. In a typical day, Sodexo feeds more than 1 of the UK population at offices, factories, schools, hospitals and barracks. The Group takes its responsibility for consumers very seriously.

Partnering with the UK government

Sodexo supports the government's "Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives" strategy, the Food for Life program and has also fully implemented the nutritional standards laid down by the UK School Food Trust across all the schools we serves. Sodexo has also actively supported the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to develop buying standards for food services, focusing on sustainably produced food, nutrition, natural resource efficiency, etc.

Awareness campaigns for Sodexo employees, clients and consumers

Campaigns on healthier food are launched on a regular basis – latest in date is a campaign presented by Matt Dawson, England rugby player and Healthwise champion, across all our sites. In 2010, more than 100 Sodexo employees were offered a free health check.
In January 2010, Sodexo Ireland launched an awareness raising campaign using mobile technology. Consumers could enter a competition to win a luxury week-end by answering a health-related quiz.

Next steps

The Group is preparing to meet new European legislation on gluten labelling ahead of domestic legislation due to come into force in 2012.

“Vivir bien”: healthy food at the office

Launched in 2005 in Chile, the Vivir Bien initiative is dedicated to companies, promoting a healthy lifestyle mainly by putting emphasis on healthy food. It is based on a flexible program that includes information, training and evaluation.

Vivir Bien

THE CONTEXT: Obesity, a major concern in Chile

In Chile, the main causes of mortality are linked to unhealthy lifestyles and obesity is a major concern: 20-30 of teenagers and 67 of adults face excess weight.

> Bad nutrition has indeed been identified as a source of work absenteeism, raise of work accident, employee turnover and lower faculties from employees.

THE CONCEPT: Promote health and wellbeing

Vivir Bien promotes health and wellbeing through a program with 3 modules that includes: evaluation, training, information and permanent support to employees.

> Evaluation and re-evaluation modules: the evaluation is made on medical, physiological and behavioural basis through measurements and personal surveys.
> Training module: the objective is to educate and motivate people on healthy habits through workshops and interactive presentations.
> Maintenance module: Sodexo proposes conferences in the company on specific themes, individual nutritionist appointments, and an access to online nutritional requests.


In order to set up the program, Sodexo has invested in expertise with 3 nutritionists together with the help of students.

> Sodexo Motivation Solutions in Chile has established partnerships with Ministries of Health and the Ministry of Education as well as with universities.
> Vivir Bien is already developed in Brazil and Mexico and a website offering services and advice has been put in place.

THE RESULTS: A measurable impact on health

37.7 of employees reduced their weight.

> 11 reduced waist size, 26.2 lowered blood pressure, 32.8 reduced total cholesterol, 9.8 stopped smoking and 97 feel that we take care of them (based on sample of 300 workers).

Super Vegetable Gardens

Launched in 2010 during the World Water Day, the Super Vegetable Garden Project aims at developing local communities in desert zones to help people become self sufficient in food. In Hassi Ridha and Hassi Khouildat, two arid areas near in Algeria, new agrarian techniques have been implemented in partnership with Sodexo, Pro-Natura International, JTS Semences, and the agrarian public services of the Hassi Messaoud daïra.

The context

People of many Saharan regions face strong difficulties to develop efficient agriculture techniques to achieve balanced nutrition.

The challenge

The agrarian methods developed through the program aims at providing adapted tools and techniques to allow rural population to reach food self-sufficiency, and decrease their water and energy uses. The overproduction can then be sold on local markets, and constitutes an alternative source of revenue for local communities.

The process

The toolkit for “Super Vegetable Gardens“ is composed of adapted seeds (free of GMO), irrigation materials, gardening tools, innovating equipments as cover veils.

The results

A year after its launch, with several tonnes of vegetable produced, this initiative proves a success. On May 10, 2011 in Hassi Messaoud, the Ambassador of France in Algeria will be present and will be able to see how well the project has evolved.

Healthwise key figures