Nourishing Active Minds

Nourishing Active Minds

Healthy eating habits and wellness is Sodexo's top priority at education sites. With competing demands on a students time, Sodexo ensures making healthy choices is easy, so they can focus on their studies.

Our teams are experienced in adapting services to meet each client’s unique needs, including hot and cold sit-down meals, snacks, and our grab and go options for those on the move.

Each of these menus is carefully crafted by an Executive Chef and approved by a Dietitian, to guarantee a variety of creative and nutritionally balanced meal choices.

Our employees are trained professionals, from Head Chefs, through to our carefully selected Service Attendants. We provide them with the skills and ongoing training to gain knowledge of culinary trends and superior presentation standards.

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At Sodexo we understand the importance of organizing, catering and managing each event with enthusiasm and expert organizational processes.

Wellness programs

The need for children and young adults to learn the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise has never been more important.

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